A small indie team

We are a small but effective team.

At Shadow Game Studio there is a total of 5 members and we're all at hard work! We are striving to create the best possible game experience for you - the player.

We are currently working on one project, which actually is a school project. As we are an indie team we do not work together in the same building which can cause som problems for us, but we solve them all and work great together as a team.


Project Unknown

A game with horror elements

During the 20th century a lot of things happened... Horrible and good. The world had been in peace since world war twos end, a lot of the countries that had poor infrastructure and economy began to get better, one of these countries were Russia.. Russia began to become rich and a country of peace and wellness. They had a great president, better than ever! She accepted an experiment that would revolutionize the world and our way of living, the experiment was meant to bring a gas to the world that would remove sleep, but it didn't end up as it was supposed to...

Project Unknown has been paused due to lack of time.


Codename: Aftermath

Classified information.



A bit about us!

This is Shadow Game Studio, your friendly neighbor!

Our way

Psst, this is a secret: we actually havn't created any document for storing information about Codename: Aftermath.


We love talking! We all talk about games all day long (except when we're working).

We experiment!

We experiment with everything, from using new game development tech to what happens to things during hot tempatures.

We communicate!

We love communicating in every possible way! Email, SMS, Twitter, Discord, Skype, whatever, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!.

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