Project Unknown

One of our projects.

Project Unknown : Story

During the 20th century a lot of things happened... Horrible and good. The world had been in peace since world war twos end, a lot of the countries that had poor infrastructure and economy began to get better, one of these countries were Russia.. Russia began to become rich and a country of peace and wellness. They had a great president, better than ever! She accepted an experiment that would revolutionize the world and our way of living, the experiment was meant to bring a gas to the world that would remove sleep, but it didn't end up as it was supposed to... The gas they used was supposed to remove the need of sleep in people, but instead it created monsters, they were darker than death itself.. The gas drove out the inner monsters that we hide from while we sleep, making the test subjects crazy.. they got out of their cells and attacked every thing that was moving... They had been eating of themselves tearing out big chunks of meat from their bodies.. It was a disaster. Black Ops soldiers were sent in to quiet the disaster, when they came to the facility and went in the bunker, they faced it.. the monsters, they were immediately attacked by them, they scared them for life... A life that wouldn't last for too long... They didn't kill any but they lost some, they went back to base scared and hurt. What they didn't know about was the virus... The virus that was inside of them. It spreaded fast and unnoticed, after only a couple of months billions of people were infected... And they all died… And that’s where I come in...

Project Unknown : Gameplay

Multiplayer: Play on maps inherited from the singleplayer levels, play on maps inspired by real locations

Singelplayer: 10 - 15 hours of gameplay! Levels insiperd by real locations.

The Subjects: Face the monsters alone or with your friends! This is a wave inspired gamemode.